Weekly News - May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019

Field Trip:  We had a great trip yesterday.  Thank you to all of the parents who helped make it happen!  We didn’t have much time at the Central Library and many kids were really disappointed that they didn’t get to check books out, especially because their collection is huge!  Please consider a trip down there this summer.  It’s super easy to get there via Metro, if you don’t want to deal with driving and parking.  The librarian there told the kids about the library’s summer reading program, and many of them seemed interested, so that’s something to look into as well.

City Building: We are only going to have one last building time, Tuesday morning.  Please check with your child to see if he/she has building work that needs to be completed this weekend and then support him/her in making that happen.  We will definitely need a bunch of adult help on Wednesday, as we put the whole city together, so if you can come between 8:30 and 12:15, we would really, really appreciate the extra hands.  

Fourth Grade Parents:  Traditionally, the fourth grade parents host the reception at the fifth graders’ culmination.  While culmination isn’t part of our classroom culture, half of us are fourth graders, so our participation in this tradition is still important.  Here is the link to a sign up genius for donating items and your time.  Please join in and sign up to help out.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f4eaead2fabfa7-culmination1

City Presentation:  The City Presentation will be on Friday, May 31st at 1:15. We hope you can join us.  We will also be having it filmed and made into DVDs that will also include the accompanying slideshow.  We will be repeating the show at various times on Monday of the next week, and possibly Tuesday, for other clusters, in case you can’t make it on Monday.


Transportation Art:  On our field trip, we had the students look at the art that is a part of all Metro Rail stations.  Today we looked on their website, https://www.metro.net/about/art/ to see art at some of the other stations and to read about the art we did see.  The students then decided on a message they wanted to share and began drawing their own art that would be on display at a transportation station in our city.  Their homework is to finish the drawing and bring it on Tuesday.  Drawings should be colored, unless there is an artistic reason not to.  

Other Drawings:  Some students also have a drawing to do for the city presentation.  We’ve gone over this with each one of them, so they should know who they are and what they have to draw.  Please check in with your child.   It’s not a lot of them.

Building:  As needed, but many of them do need to!

Memorize Lines and Song:  We would like everyone to come on Tuesday with their lines and the song memorized.






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