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November 15, 2019


REPORT CARDS:  Report Cards went home today. They are in your child’s backpack.



Conference Week/Minimum Days: Wed., Thurs., Fri, Nov. 20th - 22nd

Thanksgiving Holiday: November 25th – 29th

Hot Chocolate Nutcracker Field Trip: Wed., Dec. 4 (chaperones are full)

Winter Concert: December 18th

Winter Break: December 23rd – January 10th



We look forward to seeing all of you this week. Your child will run the conference. A practice sheet came home for homework so they can prepare and know what to say. With your children, we will discuss their progress and set some goals for the next trimester. We run on time so please come on time (or early!)

Here is the link to your conference time:


Wed. & Thurs. Conferences Only – Two items:

1. The the weather app currently shows rain so you may want to give yourself some extra time to drive and park.

2. They will be teaching math in orange on Wed. & Thurs. so our conferences will be held in Blue Cluster.  Or, in the case of rain, we might be in the resource room (which is across from Blue Cluster).




The Open School’s Holiday program will be on Wednesday, December 18th. On this day, please have your child wear an outfit with dark bottoms and solid (as little writing or designs as possible), bright, jewel-toned tops: blue, green, pink, purple, red or orange. (Do your best to approximate it – no need to buy new clothes!)

Each child will need a flashlight for our holiday program. Please send in a flashlight that is easy for your child to turn on and off quickly. Also, please make sure it has fresh batteries. Flashlights are due in class by Friday, December 6th.


This year our class party will be on Fri., Dec 20th from 9am -10:20am. Please join us! It will be science related. We will be setting up 4 -6 different activities that the class will rotate through. We will need parent support to pull off fun, hands-on activities. Please contact Isis Raja if you can spend the time helping out.



Reader’s Workshop  

In Reader’s Workshop we have begun our non-fiction unit. On Mondays now, the students start the week with a Scholastic News magazine. They are enjoying these and you’ll see the completed ones coming home weekly. Our reading lessons are focusing on main ideas and details. It is challenging class wide. They can pick out details but it is challenging for them to come up with a main idea that encapsulates all of those details. We’re having lots of lessons on determining importance and what is a detail vs. the big picture. We’ll continue to work on this and present it different ways.

Writer’s Workshop

The class has been working hard on their various writing projects. As was mentioned at Back to School Night, this trimester has been focused on just getting the class to write, write and write some more. We have had lessons on writing a first draft and getting their ideas down on paper. We have also talked about revising their story by looking for nouns or verbs that are vague and making them more specific (i.e. writing McDonald’s instead of restaurant or Reese’s instead of candy). The class has also been taught to reread their work for complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation. From now on, we are asking the class to write in complete sentences. This is a good habit for them to establish. When we return from the Thanksgiving break, we will be wrapping up their personal narrative on their favorite family tradition.


The class continues to work on place value and understanding numbers. We’ve started two new math units. With Mrs. Granick, the students are learning Ages and Timelines. They are using an open number to compare ages and learn how addition and subtraction are related. With Ms. Maye, the students are learning Trades, Jumps and Stops. Through money, the students are learning how to trade, cancel and substitute and are developing some of the big ideas related to algebra such as equivalence and variable.


We have just begun our science units. The Ambassadors and Envoys are studying Geology with Mrs. Granick. They are studying about different earth materials. They are also learning how scientists observe and test the different properties of rocks and minerals.

The Diplomats and Patriots are learning Balance and Motion with Ms. Maye. So far they have experimented with balancing a pencil on its point using only a wire and clothespins. They are now learning about spinning and how tops work. Ultimately, the students will take this physics knowledge and use it to create cultural toys and games.

Root of Respect (Social/ Emotional Learning)

The class is finishing our second “root” on leadership. They are working toward solving problems independently that do not involve safety (someone getting hurt, emotionally or physically). If they are not able to solve it independently, first, then we have taught them to seek out adult help. Again, these reinforce leadership and our previous “root” of courage.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31