End of Day 5 - It's Friday!!

Good afternoon obliging Orange Cluster families,
It was so great to see everyone today at our first Zoom meeting. We missed those who were not able to make it. We will schedule another Zoom meeting for next week. We would love to see everyone!

Even though the day is almost over, we wanted to share with you what our Fridays looks like. 

On a regular Friday, the class would have Reader’s Workshop in the morning. The other class work they would be completing is fixing any mistakes they have on their Word Wall or Spelling packet. 
If you could sit with your child and go over those pages with them, that would be incredibly helpful and make the learning more meaningful! One thing to note: please make sure your child carefully read ALL the directions in their spelling packet. There are often spelling rules written at the top of the page (in a separate box) that they sometimes ignore. 

After recess, they have PE for about 40 minutes. Below are a couple gonoodle.com videos that they may enjoy! Or, they can just go outside, kick the ball around, play pass, tag, Red Rover, (if it is raining) run in the puddles, or whatever you think will get their heart rate up!



Also during the middle block we do “special” projects. They have learned about some symbols of America (Lincoln Memorial and Statue of Liberty) or done some technology activities. During this time, they can sign-in to Khan and do some coding in the Hour of Code assignment or they could learn about the American Flag (click to see the American Flag Activity document.) 

At the end of the day they have music and art. We have included directions to make homemade play dough. It came from Christine Saleebey (Billy’s mom) and she is a preschool teacher so a definite expert in play dough!  (Thanks, Christine!)

Play Dough:
I highly recommend the recipe below. We didn’t have glycerine so we used a small amount of corn syrup and we needed more flour as it was still pretty sticky. The end result is the softest playdough I’ve ever used. 


Another art activity can be found below:

Link to How to Draw a Bunny Face 


If you go under Art Projects For Kids & click on How To Draw Galleries, other pictures will pop up. Click on the one you want to draw & the instructions will pop up. Happy drawing!

Finally, for music, you can go to BrainPop or BrainPop Jr. and learn about a musician, musical instrument or musical notes. BrainPop is offering free access during the closure. 


Happy Friday!
All our love,
Anne & Tracey

Expiration Date: 
Jun 5