Terrific Tuesday - Day 7

Good morning Online Orange Cluster Families (running out of good o adjectives!),

As your child will probably quickly inform you, today is a shortened day - the kids are out at 1:15.

Just like yesterday, language arts is in the morning. Use this time to spend 40 minutes reading - a book of your choosing, Lexia, Lemonade War and/ or Scholastic News. You can split the time in half and pick 2 of the options above. 

Writer’s Workshop immediately follows Reader’s Workshop and just like yesterday complete another page of your paragraph packet and complete another prompt. Instead of the prompt, you could also write a poem - remember to show, not tell - or you could email a friend or family member to connect with them during this time at home.

After recess, we have math. Again, this is a great time to do some work on ST Math or explore through Khan Academy. Before we left school, the class was working on multiplication with Mr. Leitz and Mrs. Granick and area and perimeter with Ms. Maye. There are assignments in Khan Academy that support both of these areas. 

If your child is an Ambassador or an Envoy they would be with Mr. Leitz and Mrs. Granick today so they can explore multiplication. 

If your child is a Diplomat or Patriot they can investigate area and perimeter. 

Whichever group they are in, they should spend about 40 minutes working. It always helps to work for a solid 20 minutes, then take some kind of physical break and then finish strong for the last 20 minutes. 

The day ends with PE. Below are some more GoNoodle activities they can choose from:



If the weather is good, then head outside - walk, run, kick the ball, throw a ball. Yesterday, Mrs. Granick completed six-30 second sprints with a 1 minute rest in between - sorry there is no video! That definitely got her heart rate up!

Upcoming events:
We will hold another class Zoom on Thursday at 9:00. We will send the sign on information in a separate email. 

What your child needs to bring to the Zoom meeting:
- their Lemonade War book and packet:  work up through Chapter 11 should be completed. We will have a discussion about the book. 
- their paragraph packet:  pages 1 through 8 should be completed. We will go over pages 6, 7 and 8 to practice writing topic sentences. 

For now, we are going to do this whole group so we can give everyone an opportunity to see each other again, but moving forward we will probably do work in smaller groups. 

Be happy and healthy with your loved ones!

Best wishes,
Anne & Tracey

Expiration Date: 
Jun 5