Day 10

Hello Fabulous Orange Cluster families,

It was so great to see your children yesterday!
They had strong contributions in our discussion about The Lemonade War and created thoughtful topic sentences!  Good job, Orange Cluster!!
Yesterday was our library day with Ms. Pam. Below are some links to read aloud for you to enjoy:
Augustus and His Smile by Catherine Rayner:

After the Fall by Dan Santat:

Today is Friday - a lot of fun activities happen on Fridays because the class gets to go to the specialists!
First, spend some time reading The Lemonade War if you haven’t finished or any other book you really want to get into! You also have some Scholastic News magazines or log on to the website given to you in yesterday’s email!
For music here are a few sites to play around with:

For art: 
Last week we sent a link to a website where it will teach you to draw a variety of animals. The link is attached below:
Link to How to Draw a Bunny Face

If you go under Art Projects For Kids & click on How To Draw Galleries, other pictures will pop up. Click on the one you want to draw & the instructions will pop up. 

Finally, for PE - get outside! It looks like it is going to be a windy day. Run around and enjoy the wind! Heck, make a kite for your art project and then go fly it! Enjoy the clean, crisp outdoors!
Today, the teachers are going to be engaged in training for remote learning mandated by the district. Unfortunately, we will not be as available through email. When our PD (in the morning) concludes, we will do our best to check emails and respond. We will also be planning tomorrow for the upcoming week so another email will go out tomorrow afternoon to outline the plan for next week. Keep an eye out for that.

Enjoy your fun Friday activities!

Much love,
Anne & Tracey

Expiration Date: 
Jul 31