Week Three: Find Out Who Won the Final Week of Read-A-Thon!

…and that’s a wrap for the 2021 Read-A-Thon! Huge thanks to every student who submitted minutes using the online form and to every family who made the fundraiser an unequivocal success. It's very much appreciated. 

Moving on to the main event: Week Three results! This week’s winning team read the most minutes out of any team throughout the entire 2021 Read-A-Thon. What a huge accomplishment! Congratulations are in order to the Voyagers with an astonishing 44,730 minutes read! The Globetrotters were right on their heels, collectively reading 43,995 minutes. Well done!

·      1st Place goes to the Voyagers with 44,730 minutes.

·      2nd Place goes to the Globetrotters with 43,995 minutes.

·      3rd Place goes to the Explorers with 41,946 minutes.

·      4th Place goes to the Trailblazers with 37,677 minutes.

Our adventurous students and staff read a combined total of 467,585 minutes! Fun facts: 127 returning students read more minutes this year than in 2020; 61 of those returning students increased their minutes by at least 500 minutes, and 31 students increased their minutes by 1,000-plus minutes.

Let’s celebrate our TOP Readers in each cluster:

Sylvan M: 1085
Arianna Z: 1073

Aneirin I: 1105
Avery T: 1003

Estelle P: 1696
Kelly M: 1168

Leo R: 1861
Anastasia W: 1454

Oliver A: 1993
Eli S: 1740

Cora KB: 2224
Preston P: 1481

Olive A: 1966
Destinee V: 1948

Evan P: 2049
Harper H: 2017

Let’s cheer on the clusters with the MOST participants:

Indigo Cluster had 95.7 class participation.
Silver Cluster had 93.7% class participation.

Every student who submitted minutes for at least one week will receive a goodie bag from the Read-A-Thon committee. We are currently coordinating pick-off dates with Cluster teachers. Fundraising incentives will be included with the goodie bags. If you’ve raised $400-plus dollars for the Fundraiser, we will contact you to coordinate the Zoom incentives (see the website for more information).

The 99Pledges website will be up and running until this Friday, February 26th. The daily raffle will continue this week for any family who has raised at least $100. Thanks again to every family who participated! Currently we have raised more than $62,000!

Website link: https://sites.google.com/view/openreads2021

Fundraising link: https://app.99pledges.com/fund/openmagnet/addme

Yours in Adventure,
Open School Read-A-Thon Committee

Expiration Date: 
Feb 28