Square 1 Art Update: March 3rd Deadline to Upload Art

Ms. Nichole will wrap up her art instruction for Square 1 Art this week. The theme is animal spirit (or whatever your artist imagines!). Should you need an extra form, you can print the form here.

Now we need YOUR help! Check in with your kiddo and encourage them to finish their art piece. Please make sure that the artist’s name and school info is legible at the top. 

As the projects are being finished, you may want to check the helpful Dos and Don’ts provided by Square 1 Art.

Once completed, please take a photo of the art and upload it to the Square 1 Art platform by March 3rd, 2021.

When taking a photo of your child’s art, follow these tips:

  • Go Outside: Natural light is best and avoid shadows.
  • Be Directly Overhead: Get the best photo possible.
  • Edit & Crop


Important Dates: 

  • March 3: Upload image of final product
  • March 29: Order deadline
Expiration Date: 
Mar 3