The YMCA Distance Learning Support Program Has Space

As you may be aware from this article in the Feb 11th issue of the Backpack, the YMCA launched a Distance Learning Support Program this past Monday. Space in this FREE program is still available at the following locations. 

  • At the Westchester YMCA: 23 currently enrolled, 25 spaces available
  • At the Culver-Palms YMCA: 14 currently enrolled, 10 spaces available
  • At the Collins & Katz YMCA: 6 currently enrolled, 12 spaces available

Learn more at at the Y's website or by emailing them. Contacts for specific Y locations are as follows: 

  • (Email Jason Ramos) for questions related to the Westchester YMCA 
  • (Email Lori Siegel) for questions related to the Culver Palms Family YMCA 
  • (Email Aaron Donohue) for questions related to the Collins & Katz YMCA 

The Y's free produce distribution program also continues. Click here for more information.

Expiration Date: 
Mar 3