About Us

Our educational program consists of thematic, integrated, and experiential instruction, guided by the needs and interests of each child. Our instructional program is based on the constructivist philosophies of Jerome Bruner, John Dewey, and Jean Piaget, and is designed by teams of two teachers sharing the same “cluster” of students. Technology is fully integrated into the curriculum and accessible to all students. The school is governed by parents, teachers, and the administration in a dynamic and successful collaborative. Our overall goal is to inspire and support our students’ love of learning, thereby enabling them to master the skills which will be required of them as lifelong learners and responsible citizens in our ever-changing society.

Our school provides an exciting, fun and positive atmosphere for children in which expectations are high and learning can happen at all times. We recognize that children are natural learners. Students learn best, we believe, when they construct meaning and knowledge through interacting with one another and being actively involved in experimentation and discovery via intellectually challenging, hands-on activities. The development of basic skills, especially in reading and mathematics, happens best within a meaningful context. Therefore, our learning environment is experiential, richly motivating, and organized around natural developmental growth stages. We educate the whole child in a humanistic, nurturing and challenging environment. Students have opportunities to make choices, to verbalize, to monitor their own learning, to succeed, and to make mistakes, all as part of the natural learning process.

Learn more by reading the most recent Open School Charter document.