For many years, STAR Education has partnered with Open Charter to help it reach its goal of offering a first-rate education complemented by a thorough and robust approach to physical fitness and cultural enrichment.

Mission of STAR Education

STAR is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to offering extended educational, recreational and enrichment programs, to supporting and enhancing school curriculum, and to expanding the cultural base of young people through innovative, quality programs offered by exceptional instructors.

Vision of STAR Education

With over 25 years of award-winning service to kids, parents, schools and communities, STAR continues to build upon its past successes. Through project-based, interactive programs that align with state standards, STAR truly provides the best of both worlds. An LAUSD study confirmed that STAR’s education programs consistently raise standardized math and literacy test scores, while our enrichment programs open up new cultural vistas to transform students into the well-rounded leaders of tomorrow.

The STAR instructors are what make the difference between our after-school programs and all the others. STAR instructors are professionally-trained teachers, experts in their field, and have years of experience working with children.

Partial scholarships are available subject to need and availability.

For more information on what STAR has to offer and registration forms, please go to STAR's Open School Site.

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