Annual Giving


Your Annual Contribution Makes the Difference!

As you know, delivering the extraordinary education Open School offers is not possible with school district funds alone. Through our booster club, Friends of the Open School, we must raise $265,000 each year to deliver our curriculum with programs like integrated music, art, technology, garden, physical education, and extra aides for our amazing teachers.

Annual Giving relies on direct financial contributions from our families, extended families, and friends. 

  • It is our most important fundraiser, historically raising almost 2/3 of all the funds we need.  We believe that with your participation, we could raise ALL of our funds through annual giving, eliminating the need for other fundraising work
  • We strive for participation from 100% of our families.  Every amount helps, and each family should choose an amount that is practical and meaningful to them.  We have flexible payment options to help make this possible.
  • Our goal is to raise an average of $750 per child per year.  Open School's richness comes from our diverse community with families of differing financial means.   If your family has the means, your generous extra contribution helps ensure an amazing education for all of our kids.
  • We need each family to give generously each year.  Every cluster and grade heavily uses and benefits from the resources your contributions provide.


Supporting the mission of Open School should be reason enough to donate. To sweeten the deal, the following incentives are currently available:

  • Any donation: An Open Car Magnet! You will receive one magnet in each of your children’s cluster color with the 2020-2021 design. These are great ways to represent Open and spot fellow families around town.
  • Awesome raffle prizes during our fundraising drives.  Our fundraising drives are generally scheduled in September (Back to School), December (Season of Giving), and in the springtime.

Why Annual Giving is So Important

From a fundraising standpoint, Annual Giving has a big impact for several reasons...

  1. Every Dollar Counts 100%.  Unlike other fundraising, every single penny of every dollar raised in direct donations counts 100% towards achieving an excellent education for your children.
  2. Your Donation is Tax Deductible.  If you itemize deductions, you can count your donation as a charitable contribution.  After tax savings, your cost for every dollar contributed can be significantly less than a dollar.
  3. Matches can Multiply the Effect.  Many employers and family foundations match direct contributions to Open School.  We'll help you do the paperwork.  This may double the impact of every dollar you contribute.  Learn More.
  4. Extended Family can Help.  Unlike other fundraisers, direct donations are easy for extended family and friends to participate in, no matter where they live.
  5. It is Fast and Simple.  With our online form and a variety of payment options, contributing directly is the fastest and simplest way to impact our kids.  We'll happily work with you if you prefer not to contribute online.

We ask you to make Open School a priority in your charitable contributions.  The students --  your students -- thank you.

If you prefer not to contribute online: 

  • Print an Annual Giving Form or pick one up in the office
  • Return or mail it with your check to the office c/o Friends of the Open School

For other options and any questions, please contact the Annual Giving Team, at (subject: Annual%20Giving)

Your Annual Contribution Makes the Difference!

Friends of the Open School, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
Tax ID # 95-3793829.
All contributions, minus the value of any incentives received, are 100% tax deductible.

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Thanks for Giving!!! (Article)

Submitted by Ann Kaatz on Sep 30 (last updated Sep 30)

As we wrap up our Back-to-School Fundraising drive, we want to thank all who donated.  You helped us get the year off to a solid start!  We’re actually a bit ahead of where we were this time last year – which is tremendous!  

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