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Welcome to (Orange Cluster) from Mrs. Anne Granick and Ms. Tracey Maye!

Appreciating Cultural Diversity and Human Similarities


“When I see you through my eyes, I think that we are different. When I see you through my heart, I know we are the same.”

-Doe Zantamata


This year Orange Cluster’s theme is Discovering Diversity. Our yearlong curriculum is developed around the unifying concepts of cultural diversity and human similarities. These themes will tie together and thread through most of our units of study.

In cooperative groups, children will become cultural anthropologists and museum curators researching diverse ethnic backgrounds. Each group will focus on a specific ethnic group that makes up the United States. Each group will study the experiences of either: Chinese Americans, African Americans, Irish Americans, Korean Americans, Mexican Americans, Native Americans, or Jewish Americans. The class will read, research and learn about several aspects of that culture. They will create projects to share what they have discovered about their cultural group. The students will also create projects based on several class discussions throughout the year about the society we live in -- the United States of America -- and how it is formed by all of the cultural groups they are studying.

The year culminates in a Grand Opening of the Orange Cluster Museum. Each student becomes a docent and discusses their projects and knowledge with visitors from the school, the students' families and the local community. Through educating one another about the various cultures, they will help to build an atmosphere free of misunderstanding and discrimination. They will also create an appreciation for the differences and similarities between the various cultures and a respect for the multicultural community we live in. 


“In diversity, there is beauty and there is strength.” –Maya Angelou

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Week 10 Newsletter & Schedule (Article)

Submitted by Orange Teacher on Oct 18 (last updated Oct 29)

October 16, 2020

Hello Orange Families,

As always, it was so great to see our amazing Orange Cluster families yesterday morning! We love to see your smiling faces - even so early in the morning. Stay positive Team Orange! Don’t let that COVID fatigue get you down. We can do this! 

New items to note:

Book Clubs

Week 9 Newsletter & Schedule (Article)

Submitted by Orange Teacher on Oct 10 (last updated Oct 10)

October 9, 2020

Hello Orange Families,

Week 7 Newsletter & Schedule (Sept. 29 - Oct. 2) (Article)

Submitted by Orange Teacher on Sep 25 (last updated Sep 25)

September 25, 2020

Hello Orange Families,

Science got off to a great start! We had fun diving into simple machines and discovering what engineering is all about. 

New items to note:

Our next pick up day is coming up:

 Thursday, Oct. 2nd  from 7-8:15 am in the teacher’s parking lot

You’ll give us your orange folder & bag with:

1. Self Portrait

Week 5 - Week of September 14th (Article)

Submitted by Orange Teacher on Sep 11 (last updated Sep 11)

September 11, 2020

Hello Outrageously AWESOME Orange Families,

Week 4 is in the books! We are enjoying your children and getting to know all of them better! They are working hard in our Zooms and participating a lot! We love hearing from all of them! 

Next up: Week 5! We got this!

New items to note:

1. Access Zoom through Schoology 

Week of August 31 (Article)

Submitted by Orange Teacher on Aug 30 (last updated Sep 1)

August 28, 2020

Hello Orange Families,

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