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Red Cluster's theme is "From Start to Finish: Learning About Growth and Change in Ourselves and in the World Around Us." We believe the best place to start is with activities that help students internalize the concepts of cycles, processes, and sequencing. Our units and field trips support these ideas.

This theme will extend across the curriculum. Using an excellent book series called "From Start to Finish," from the Lerner Publishing Company, we will be learning to observe, describe, and create change and growth in a variety of ways.

In science, we study the predictable, but fascinating life cycles of animals and plants. Through a variety of hands-on experiences, the students gain a deep appreciation and understanding of these cycles in nature, while learning where many of our common household items and foods come from. One example of a unit in this area is “From Wheat to Bread.”

In social studies, learning about processes helps us understand how people meet their needs using raw materials and changing them into useful items. The units “From Wax to Crayon” and “From Cotton to T-Shirt” are examples of such processes.

In math, we look at the ways in which numbers, shapes, and measurements grow and change. We add, repeat, and subtract numbers, use combinations of shapes to make other shapes, and learn about time passing, money changing from coins into bills, and inches becoming feet.

In language arts, children learn to research through reading, sequence their ideas in oral and written stories, and use transition words in their writing (such as first, next, after that, and finally).

The culminating project is a unit in which we teach the children how authors start with an idea, and finish with a real book. The children will write their own books about something going from start to finish.

Our literature-rich and child-centered environment challenges and encourages students to grow and change as learners, friends, and citizens of Red Cluster, Open School, and the world.


Ms. Mesri and Ms. Roth (A + J)

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