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In Yellow Cluster (grades 3-4, ages 8-10), the theme is We All Create: Designing Structures Helps Us to Make Sense of Our World. The Yellow Cluster Curriculum is design-based, with the main focus being planning, designing, and building a small-scale model city set 100 years in the future and based on the area around the school.

The classroom structure reflects that of a city, with a mayor, assistant mayor and other class officers, four neighborhood teams and six commission groups. Each commission becomes expert at one aspect of city planning, i.e., Human Resources, or Building and Safety and plans what needs to be built to fulfill their responsibilities. Each neighborhood team designs and builds one fourth of the model city, with each student renting their own parcel of land and placing his/her buildings on it. Students earn a salary from their commission jobs and then pay monthly rent on their piece of land. We hold Town Hall meetings during which the students decide what they want and don’t want in their city and resolve issues and problems.

Our building experiences begin with the designing and building of object costumes. Students learn about scale, measurement, geometry, structure, and building techniques as they enlarge a small object to a child-sized costume.  They then wear their costumes in a musical revue that shares information about some of the history learned that year.  Once they have learned how to build big, they can apply what they have learned to building small - our city.

The state curriculum standards are integrated within our classroom projects to support, clarify and deepen the context for retention and future application of skills and concepts.  The science topics connect in multiple ways to the students’ city experiences.  Students also use a variety of technology applications to document, enrich, and extend their curricular experiences. 

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Weekly News - October 15, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Oct 16 (last updated Oct 16)

We wanted to give everyone an overview of Google Classroom and how it works and how we are using it.  We are using Google Classroom both to deliver assignments, to store copies of resources that we are using in class, or to store copies of assignments we’re working on in class so that students who are at home for any reason have access to them (those are labeled as materials).  Unless someone is working from home, the only work that we expect our students to do at home are the Daily Problems, and anything associated with Scholastic News or Weekly Problems that might be electronic and not al

Weekly News - October 8, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Oct 8 (last updated Oct 8)

3rd Grade Parents:  The Olsat will be given to our third graders on Tuesday and Wednesday, starting around 9 am.

Weekly News - October 1, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Oct 1 (last updated Oct 1)

We are working on making sure our grab and go meals are going home to families who want them, so if you do not want your child to ever take a grab and go meal, please let us know so that we don’t give them one.  

We are still having times when students need to know their district email and password, but haven’t memorized them.  Please spend some time practicing with your child to be sure they have both of those things memorized.

Weekly News Update - 9/26/21 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Sep 26 (last updated Sep 26)

Hi everyone,

I am so sorry, I forgot to include an addition to this week's homework in the weekly news I sent on Friday.  I wanted to be sure you all knew about it, though.

Weekly News - September 24, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Sep 24 (last updated Sep 24)

Classroom Updates

Schedule:  Just so you all know, here’s some scheduling info:

- Mondays: band kids need to bring their instruments (flute, trumpet, trombone)

- Wednesdays: violin kids need to bring their instruments

- Coach has changed to Friday mornings, so they need to wear sneakers and clothes to play in on Fridays.


Weekly News - September 17, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Sep 17 (last updated Sep 17)

Kate DiCamillo! We are so excited to tell you that on September 29th we will be getting to attend a Kate DiCamillo virtual author visit as she presents her new book, The Beatryce Prophecy!  She is an absolutely fabulous author and speaker and we are so thrilled to be included.  Her new story is described as, “a fantastical meditation of fate, love, and the power of words to spell the world.  In a time of war, a mysterious child appears at the monastery of the Order of the Chronicles of Sorrowing.  Gentle Brother Edik finds the girl, Beatryce, curled in a stall, wrack

Weekly News - September 2, 2021 (Article)

Submitted by Yellow Teacher on Sep 2 (last updated Sep 2)

Thank you so much for coming to our Back to School Night Presentation.  We missed meeting you in person but hope we gave you a lot of information about what we’re planning for our year.  Click on the following links for a copy of any of these materials that you’re interested in.

Back to School Night Slides

Big Three - 3rd grade

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