Site Committee

The Site Committee works to maintain and improve Open School’s physical plant and natural environment, sponsoring site workdays and special projects throughout the year.

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Read on to learn more about the history of our site and the work of the Site Committee...

Our Mosaics

In recent years, the site committee has been instrumental in coordinating the creation of many mosaics, which now grace the walls of our school.

These mosaics add a splash of color and beauty to our campus and brighten up the days of all who come upon them.  Students take pride in showing their parents exactly what part of the mosaic they worked on, and often pose for pictures in front of "their" mosaic. 




Our Trees

When Open School moved to its current site in 1998, the trees between the buildings and many of the yard trees were planted in partnership with TreePeople.  TreePeople’s founder, Andy Lipkis, and his wife Kate, parents at the time, helped organize the community to plant more than a hundred trees throughout the campus.

The plantings between the buildings represent the ecosystems of California. The desert is between Green, Silver and Purple, with chitalpa trees (a city loving desert willow hybrid). There are native oak trees, representing the oak woodland, between Silver, Purple, Yellow and Indigo. Just in front of Yellow, Indigo and Red is the alder forest. In front of Orange and Blue live our glorious redwood trees. The native tree plantings continue throughout the campus, with sycamores and liquidambars scattered around the yard.

We are also fortunate to have mulberry, gingko biloba, plane, ash and elm trees that predate Open School's tenure on the campus.



Open School Beautification Days

The site committee organizes Open School Beautification Days at least once a month.  The goal of these days is to provide members of the Open School Family a chance to take ownership of their school and shape their environment. 

Grandparents, parents, teachers, staff and Open School students volunteer their time and muscle, and donate materials such as plants and tools, to make their vision a reality. 

Beautification Days not only serve to enhance this corner of the world in which our children spend so many of their days, they also serve to build bonds of community among people who come together for the singular objective of doing some good - for ourselves, our community, and our environment. 

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Volunteers Needed - Site Committee (Article)

Submitted by Ann Kaatz on Sep 16 (last updated Sep 16)

Ready to get your hands dirty to keep Open School beautiful?  Then Site Committee is for you, no prior experience needed - we have projects for everyone! 

Throughout the year, Open's Site Committee brings together groups of parent volunteers to do beautification projects at the school.  Projects are usually done on weekends and involve a 1-2 hour time commitment over the course of a morning or afternoon. 

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