Subscribing to Calendar

Now you can automatically subscribe to and synchronize the Open School school-wide calendar with calendars on your computer and/or smartphone so you always have the latest information available!

Simply subscribe to the iCal feed, using the following URL*:

*To be sure your calendar stays up to date, be sure you subscribe to the feed at the above URL rather than downloading it and importing it.  Read on for details..

The process varies depending on the system you use.  For example:

  • For Google Calendar/Android, first go to your Google calendar (in your browser) and choose "Add by URL" under "Other Calendars", and copy the above url into the field.  You can synchronize it with your phone from your phone's calendar application (menu - more - calendars).
  • For iPhone, you can add an "Other" account under calendar settings, and then add the URL in "Add Subscribed Calendar"

Our site uses the industry standard way of subscribing to calendars, so there is a wealth of information on how to do this online....just search for "subscribe iCal" and the device or software you are interested in.  Unfortunately our web team cannot provide individual support on setting up the subscription.

NOTE:  Since different families are interested in different clusters, cluster-specific events are not included in the calendar feed at this time.

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