Parent Website Logins

This page describes how parents can log into the Open School website.

Every active parent or guardian in our database is automatically given a website account, with a preassigned 4 digit PIN code, which will not normally change during your time at Open School.  The username is the same as the email address at which you receive Open School emails.

You will automatically be prompted to log in whenever you access website content that is not public.  Or, you can manually log in using the link at the bottom of the website:

From the login box, enter your email and pin, as instructed, then click the button to log in.  Most browsers will let you save your ID and password so you don't need to remember them in the future.

If you do not know your PIN, use the tab to request a new password.  From there, you can elect to have the PIN instantly sent to you.  Be sure to check your spam folder if the PIN does not arrive within 5 minutes or so.

Special Note: If you edit website content and are also a parent, you will need to log out of your website maintainer session before you can log in with your parent email address as described above.