Open School Emails

This page describes how Open School communicates with parents by email.  "Official" email from the Open School is delivered via our mailing list on the third party "MailChimp" system.  You can recognize "MailChimp" messages since they have a colorful layout like that of the web site.  It is very important that each household receive and read these messages in order to stay informed on what is happening at school.

"MailChimp" messages are sent to the email addresses you provided to the school and which you verify using the Verify Contacts form

You may also receive automated messages from room parents, teachers, cluster Shutterly sites, and the Yahoo group.  These are separate and are not covered here.

IMPORTANT:  Are you NOT getting official Open School emails? (these are the colorful "official" school emails that include Principal messages, Friends messages, and the Thursday Backpack; most people receive several each week)

If you are not getting Open School emails, please do/check the following:

  • First, be sure you are looking in the right place.  Mail is delivered to the email addresses on file for your family.
  • Several email providers, including GMail and Yahoo, may be marking the mails as SPAM.  To fix this:
    1. Go into the ONLINE (website/webmail) site of your email provider and check your "Spam" or "Bulk Mail" folder (in Gmail, you will need to click "more" at the bottom of the folder tree on the left to see it). 
    2. Search for messages with titles containing "Open", "Backpack", "Cluster".  The return address for these mails is "".
    3. For each message you find, use your email provider's option to mark them as "Not Spam".  This will usually prevent future messages from being flagged as spam, too.
    4. Add "" to your online address book in your provider's mail.
  • If you use GMail, the new web layout has a "Promotions" tab, and GMail places our mail there, by default.  They will probably go there even if you mark the messages as "Not Spam".  You can drag messages to the "Primary" tab and click the option to always put such mails in your "Primary" tab in the future.
  • If you use a clever spam blocking tool that sends a reply to the sender and asks it to do something to verify that the sender is human, then you need to MANUALLY configure that service to allow mail from  Our mails come from a server that does not process these replies.
  • Make sure your email in the directory is actually valid.  Our email system will not add invalid mails to the mailing list.  Also, if mails fail to deliver to your address a few times, our mail system will conclude your address is bad.  Use the contact below to fix that.
  • Make sure you did not unsubscribe from our mailing list or have your address "cleaned" from the list because it was bad for a while (server down, mailbox full).  If this is the case, you must resubscribe yourself manually here.

Existing parents, guardians, and staff, and volunteers have already been added to the mailing list, using the contact information on file at the office.   You can verify and request changes to this information using the Contact Verification form.  If you have not be included and believe you should be, or if you have other question, please (Contact Us).

Please keep in mind that the official Open School mailing list is only intended for use by current parents, guardians, and staff.  All other members of our community are invited to use this website to stay up to date.

You may use the link at the bottom of any Open School email to unsubscribe, but please only do so after ensuring that one email address in your household remains subscribed.

Also visit the Community page to learn more about the Open School's community management features.