This site has news that is of interest to the entire OMCS community as well as news specific to particular areas, like classrooms.  There are many ways you can keep up with this news.

On the Web Site

The latest news will always be here on the web site. 

The home page includes any special messages from school leadership as well as highlighted top stories.

You browse all news can use the menu on the left to:

  • See news of community interest
  • Use filters to browse news specific to particular areas

Many pages you access from the menus automatically contain relevant news, if it exists, for that area.  For example, classroom pages automatically contain classroom-specific news.  This gives you a view of everything for an area on a single page.

Note that articles are sometimes summarized.  You can use the "View Full Text" link on them to see the full article.

Finally, you can use the link to the right to see a Realtime Newsletter.  This looks much like the "Thursday Backpack" except that it always contains the latest information!

By Email

You can subscribe to periodic email news, which contain information that is also available here on the site.  This information is typically in newsletter format.  Our "Thursday Backpack" is a great example.  You can use the links to the right to sign up for emails and to view previously sent ones.

Yahoo! Group

Using the link to the right, you can also join and participate in a Yahoo! discussion forum for the OMCS community.  This is a good place for informal discussion among parents and others.  It is not monitored or maintained by the school.