News about After School

After School Chess Tutors (Article)

Submitted by Cindy Matsubayashi on Sep 9 (last updated Sep 9)

Want to learn how to play the strategic game of chess or want to continue honing your skills?

Sign up to participate in our virtual program!   You can be on our chess team that represented Open at the final challenge at USC (we made it to the Grand Stage 8 years in a row)!
Chess Tutors is starting Virtual Session #1 on Tuesday, October 5th and will continue until October 26th.

After School Zoom Violin Classes (Article)

Submitted by Cindy Matsubayashi on Aug 26 (last updated Sep 9)

Mr. Adkins is offering Zoom violin classes and private lessons!

Beginning Violin - 2nd through 5th graders will learn the violin basics of holding the instrument and bow correctly, how to finger the instrument, read notes and will learn basic rhythms.  

Intermediate/Advanced Strings - Students who have at least one year of experience will learn advanced rhythms, third positions, harmonics and vibrato.

After School Music Lessons with Mr. & Mrs. Cline (Article)

Submitted by Cindy Matsubayashi on Aug 26 (last updated Sep 9)

Our Open School Music Specialist, Matthew Cline, and his wife Joana, will again be offering after-school music lessons.  They are passionate about teaching music and have created a program that ensures every student succeeds at learning an instrument.  In the process, students also learn important life skills such as confidence, creativity, focus, perseverance, dedication