News for Entire Community

Westchester Community of Schools' September Newsletter (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Sep 8 (last updated Sep 15)

Please click here to read the Westchester Community of Schools' September Newsletter. 

For more information about the Westchester Community of Schools, please visit their website.

Online Directory Update (Article)

Submitted by Cindy Matsubayashi on Sep 2 (last updated Sep 9)

We are phasing out the online directory and are in the process of creating a shared spreadsheet for each cluster.  More details to come!

Get your Open Magnet TODAY! (Article)

Submitted by Ann Kaatz on Sep 2 (last updated Sep 9)

Get your 2021/22 Open Magnet by making a donation of any amount to Annual Giving during our Back-to-School fundraising drive.  Big THANKS to everyone who has already donated!  Your magnets will be delivered to your child's cluster (oldest if you have multiple) to bring home soon.

After School Zoom Violin Classes (Article)

Submitted by Cindy Matsubayashi on Aug 26 (last updated Sep 9)

Mr. Adkins is offering Zoom violin classes and private lessons!

Beginning Violin - 2nd through 5th graders will learn the violin basics of holding the instrument and bow correctly, how to finger the instrument, read notes and will learn basic rhythms.  

Intermediate/Advanced Strings - Students who have at least one year of experience will learn advanced rhythms, third positions, harmonics and vibrato.

After School Music Lessons with Mr. & Mrs. Cline (Article)

Submitted by Cindy Matsubayashi on Aug 26 (last updated Sep 9)

Our Open School Music Specialist, Matthew Cline, and his wife Joana, will again be offering after-school music lessons.  They are passionate about teaching music and have created a program that ensures every student succeeds at learning an instrument.  In the process, students also learn important life skills such as confidence, creativity, focus, perseverance, dedication

Keeping Everyone Safe (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Aug 26 (last updated Aug 30)

Hello Open School Families,

As we close the second week of school, I know there are many questions and concerns about COVID-19, school safety and quarantine policies. Still our number one commitment is the health and safety of our school community. Our commitment is to the wellness of our kids so that they can learn and prosper because learning and happiness cannot be fostered in an unsafe environment.

Shortened Tuesdays Reminder (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Aug 25 (last updated Sep 2)

Reminder that all Tuesdays will be on a shortened schedule with dismissal as follows:

  • 1:10 pm for Green, Silver, Red, and Orange
  • 1:25 pm dismissal for Indigo, Yellow, Blue and Purple

Attention Bus Riders:  Make sure to pick up 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier at bus stops.

COVID-19 Testing and Reminders (Article)

Submitted by Peggy Lew on Aug 20 (last updated Aug 20)

On-site Testing at Open School

Success! Today we were able to test all students who had guardian consent at school today. Results should be available by Monday. 

Proper Mask Wearing

It is important for everyone to help slow the spread of the virus by wearing masks. Wearing a mask over your mouth and nose lowers the number of respiratory droplets and particles that you release into the air when you breathe or talk.

It's important that our unvaccinated students wear proper fitting mask. Please note:

Principal's Message: A New Beginning (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Aug 19 (last updated Aug 26)

Dear Open School Families,

Our school year is off to such a phenomenal start. All of our students and teachers are getting to know each other and establishing classroom norms and safety routines. Ms. Lew, Ms. Imani and I have been on the yard and in the classrooms getting to know all of the children. Please encourage them to stop and talk to us, as we are striving to get to know each and every one of our students.

Open School will Return in August Full Day and In-Person (Article)

Submitted by Antoinette Cass on Jul 28 (last updated Jul 28)

Hello Open School Families,

As we gear up to begin the 2021-22 school year, we are becoming accustomed to our new normal of life which requires us to be comfortable with uncertainty and continuous flexibility. Moving forward into the new school year, will require much of the same. However, one thing that you can always be certain of is that Open School will put the needs and safety of our children first and foremost.