Indigo Cluster Weekly News Sept. 21-25, 2020

Indigo Cluster Weekly News

September 21, 2020-September 25, 2020


Happy Fall Everyone! We hope you are doing well and are continuing to be safe.  After this week, the weekly news will come through as an announcement in Seesaw for Families. If you have not already, please make sure you have accepted the invite to connect or filled out the Google form to be invited. Thank you to all of you who are already connected! 



This upcoming week we are following Schedule A.  Last week we created a schedule for each group and sent out a copy to each child through Seesaw.  We will continue to follow the same schedule they have so please keep it in a highly visible place next to their work space so that they can continue to work on following it independently.


Music Enrichment from Mr. Cline

Since students normally have music every week, our wonderful Mr. Cline has prepared music activities for students to do individually (or with their families) on the weeks that they don't have a Zoom class for music enrichment.  If your child is interested in these these activities, you can access by clicking here


Work Space and Materials Bin

As previously emphasized, please make sure your child is working in their dedicated workspace to promote focus and organization. Their Materials Bin should be next to them as they continue to practice retrieving and returning items (including pencils) during and/or after Zoom sessions. By the way, their bin number (needed for one of the apps) is labeled on the cover of their bin.


Archiving Assignments on Seesaw

Archiving activities in Seesaw is in progress as previously discussed. Once activities are archived, they are not available for submission or revision in your child's activity feed. Submitted and archived activities will continue to be viewable in your child's digital Journal in Seesaw.

Moving forward, activities assigned and due in a given week will be archived by 11:59pm, end of the day, on Fridays. Thank you for supporting your child's timely competition of activities as we work toward a system of timely feedback and support to meet the needs of our students.



We continue to reiterate the importance of logging into Zooms through Schoology using the embedded link.  With the increase in zoom bombing many schools have experienced, we must be vigilant to take the extra step through Schoology to ensure optimal safety and protection of our children’s online experiences! Should we have any Zoom Challenges, please look for updates in Seesaw. 


Community Building and Volunteer Support Survey

This will provide input needed to connect kids and adults alike in our Indigo Cluster community. Look out for this detailed survey. Thank you to Beth and Brynn for working on this masterpiece.  And thank you in advance for taking the time to fill it out. 

Parent Meeting

Click here for the notes from the Parent Meeting on September 18, 2020. Also, as announced in Friday’s meeting, beginning next Friday, still beginning 1:15, we will shift the format of our meetings to a parent Drop In for more individualized check ins. These will be 5-7 minute opportunities depending on the volume of parents waiting. We ask for your patience and consideration as we support all who desire a piece of our time.


Upcoming Events:

September 25, 2020-Parent Drop-In 1:15-2:15

September 28, 2020 - No School-Unassigned Day

October 2, 2020-Materials Pick-up 1:15-3:00


Expiration Date: 
Aug 26