Weekly update - September 20, 2020

IMPORTANTOn Thursday, we will be changing our zoom codes and only making the links available through Schoology.   We have been told that our zoom links need to only be available in Schoology for the safety of our students.  We will be talking to them about this and showing them what they need to do to use the links this week before we make the change.  Having zoom links readily available opens up the possibility of zoom bombing, and having the students log in from behind the protective wall of Schoology adds an additional layer of protection.  We know this makes things a little less easy, if you’re using the google calendar, but we have to put our students’ safety first. We have been hearing (and once, in Denise’s high schooler’s Back to School Night, experiencing) terrible stories about zoom bombing, so we do want to do everything we can to make sure our students don’t experience this.  We will keep our regular all class zoom link and use it for parent meetings, though, as that is much easier.  We will also then have it available if Schoology goes down.  

Additionally, we are not allowed to let students into our zooms who don’t have their first and last name showing as they log in.  We know they like to personalize their names, and we will allow them to change it once they get in the zoom, but they have to have their real name showing when they initially log in.  

We will be having a parent drop in meeting on Wednesday, from 3:30 - 4:00 and we can talk about this change more then, if you want to.  This meeting is for parents who have questions or are looking for other support.  We don’t have an agenda for it.

If you are interested in planning a Friday Fun event, please let us know!  You can just plan it and we’ll host it, or you can plan it and help run it.  The scavenger hunt that Stacy  designed for Friday was so fun and we would love to have more parents help create some fun times for our class.

Please remember to bring your child’s computation pre-assessments to school during this coming week.  We will be there to pick them up directly from your car on Friday, from 2:30 - 3:30, but you can also bring them in earlier and ask Matthew to put them in Denise’s mailbox.

Also, the students were assigned a reading assessment online, as well as a place value pre-assessment online and we don’t have these from everyone yet.  Please check in with your child and make sure both of these assessments have been completed so that we can use the information in our planning.  

Our next drop off / pick up of books and materials is going to be on Friday, October 2nd.  This last Friday we realized what a time crunch it was for us to get to school and have everything ready on time, so we’re moving the time to 2:30 - 3:30.  Please let us know if you can’t make it and we will arrange an alternative pick up or delivery by a parent volunteer.

Here’s some of what is coming up next week:

Reading:  On Wednesday we will be sharing our new online library site that gives our students much easier access to seeing what books we have in our Yellow Cluster library.  We will also be sending out the next book request form so that we know what books to have ready in the next pickup.  Please encourage your child to take advantage of the form to make specific requests for books.

Writing:  We have been finding the writing time particularly challenging when the students haven’t done the work we need them to do before the zoom class.  We have asked the students to do some research on their names so that we can start a writing project about that.  Please help your child make sure this work gets done during this coming week so that next Tuesday they will be ready to start planning their writing.

Math:  As most of our students haven’t finished all of the work in our symmetry unit, we will be using Denise’s math zooms on Monday to check in with everyone to see where they need help and to give them time to work on the assignments that are missing.  Then on Friday we will be moving on to another area of geometry.  Please help your child make sure all of the work is completed by then so that they don’t fall too far behind.  There will be a video to watch before Friday’s math class as well.  With Lauren, they are continuing to work on place value.

Science:  Up next is vaccines - how they work and how the first one was developed.  There will be a video for the students to watch before their science lesson and then some reading / listening and follow up work to do after the lesson.

Social Studies:  The students should have finished their graphic organizer with information about California’s regions and started their presentations.  We love how some students have started having zoom study times to work together on this and other projects!  These presentations are due next week.

Tessellations: On Friday, the students learned how to create tessellations, a wonderful mix of art and math.  We shared links with directions on how to create them, as well as videos for making them with various kinds of rotational symmetry.  We hope the students continue to create tessellations and share them with everyone on the padlet page.

Expiration Date: 
Jul 30