Weekly Update - September 28, 2020

Our next drop off / pick up of books and materials is going to be this Friday, October 2nd from 2:30 - 3:30.  Please put the guided writing activity that the students will be doing on Tuesday, as well as any books that were borrowed that have been read already, in the bag to give us.  Please let us know if you can’t make it and we will arrange an alternative pick up or delivery by a parent volunteer.  We will be passing out the following:

  • Individualized computation packets based on the assessments (we call them skillsheets)
  • Large, specially designed paper, and directions, for a project about cooperation
  • Any books that have been requested
  • Geometry worksheets that will be assignments for the next few weeks (because we think it’s easier to be able to see and write on the shapes)
  • Another, hopefully fun, surprise for the students
  • And we will have a cart of books available for students to pick from as well.

We will be having a parent drop in zoom on Wednesday, from 3:00 - 3:30, using our original whole group zoom so that you don’t have to sign in to schoology to get in.

Here’s some of what is coming up next week:

Reading:  This week we will be starting our regular Reading Workshop assessments to help us continue to see where our students are as readers.  These will be individually assigned based on where the students were last assessed at and where they are supposed to be at this point.  Some students may end up doing more than one assessment, as we work to pinpoint where they are and what they need.  We will be doing these through Seesaw so that the students can easily record themselves reading out loud, giving a summary, and answering questions.  We will be having the students do a practice one first, so that they can see how to log in and learn to use the tools.  This is supposed to be a cold read assessment, and to be independent, so please remind your child to do the recording in one take, the first time.  

Writing:  We are continuing to work on planning our name stories.  This week we will be looking at effective introductions (the “hook”) and then using a flow map to plan out our name stories.  We are also going to be doing a guided writing activity so that we can get a sense of the students as writers.  Remember, this assignment should be given to us on Friday.

Math:  For place value, we want to be sure the students watch the Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens video before meeting with Lauren on Friday.  We’re also still missing some of the place value pre-assessments, so we really need those completed as soon as possible.  Google forms doesn’t save work, so they have to be completed in one sitting.  In Geometry, we are working on identifying (3rd grade) and naming (4th grade) lines, line segments, points, rays, and angles.  This is really about having enough practice to consistently remember which word goes with which shape.  There is an edpuzzle video that was supposed to have been watched before last Friday that we made a new copy of so that students who already saw it can review it again.  We have also put up the Quizizz activities that we did on Friday for anyone who missed it or wants to do them again.  And there is a new Quizizz assigned for independent practice as well, since the students asked for that in lieu of a worksheet.  We’re also continuing our work on problem solving using the idea of a balance.  We will be showing the next set of Brain Boosters problems as well, for anyone who is ready for them.

Science:  We are assigning an experiment to demonstrate the effectiveness of wearing a mask.  This is going to require your help, as we are asking the students to try and blow out a candle, from various distances, both with and without a mask, and to record their results, and we would like them to be supervised as they light the candle.  (Or you can light it for them.)

Social Studies:  The California regions unit is finishing up this week, so please help your child make sure his/her presentation is finished tomorrow (Tuesday) so that it can be included in the sharing of the work during his/her social studies zoom this week.  Next up, elections.  


Expiration Date: 
Jul 30