Weekly Update - Oct. 4, 2020

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our pickup on Friday!  (And Bingo was fun, too!)  Here’s some info about what was in the bag and when your child is going to need it.

  • The flextangle template and tape is for Friday Fun this week.
  • The packet of angles and lines work is our geometry work for a bit.  We’ll be starting the angles learning on Monday we’ll give them some work time via zoom on Friday, and do the same thing next week with the lines portion, so everyone can go through the packet and start to work, asking any questions they might have.  Then it will be independent work, with help provided at office hours as needed.  The whole thing will be turned in at our next pickup.
  • The packets of computation are our skillsheets.  We’ll get the students started on those either this week or next week.  They will mostly be independent work, with lessons and check ins being provided at various times through the week.
  • The math balance work is optional.  It was given to any third grader who requested it during our last problem solving work time and to all fourth graders, since they hadn’t started the work yet (that happens this week).

Our next pickup is going to be on Friday, October 30th.  Following our every 3 week schedule, it should be the week before, but that is our staff retreat, so we had to push it a week.  Because of that, though, we get to make our next pickup a costumed, trick or treat one.  Since Halloween in its traditional form is most likely going to be more limited this year, we thought it would be fun for the kids to come to the pick up in costume.  We will have treats for them in their bags.  If you would like to contribute to the treats so that the kids can have more, we know they would love that.  Please bring whatever candy or other fun things (like pencils, erasers, bubbles, notepads, etc) you would like to add to the trick-or-treat bag to the office by the Monday before (Oct. 26) so that we have time to get things organized.  Please label the bag with Yellow Cluster trick or treating and your name and be sure there are at least 48 of whatever you are bringing.  Thank you! 

We opened up the October book orders today.  Scholastic is now saying that they will ship orders directly to student houses, but we couldn’t find anything that said whether or not that involves an extra charge.  If it does, then please add your order to the class order to be delivered to us, as that is for sure free.  Either way you order, we still get credit for the books you order sent to your house and you can still donate books from our wish list, if you want to.  If you’re putting your order with the class box, please have your orders placed by October 14th so that there is enough time for the books to arrive before the Oct. 30 pickup.  Here are links to the flyers.



Our next parent drop-in meeting will be Wednesday October 14th from 3 - 3:30, but please feel free to come to office hours if you have any questions before then.

Here’s some of what is coming up next week:

Reading:  As we review the assessments, we may ask students to do other levels of assessments as well.  This will be communicated and assigned on an individual basis.  This week we will be reading books to see what we can learn about the identities of the main characters. Then we will be asking the students to create their own identity maps, sharing what makes them, them.

Writing:  This week the students will orally rehearse their name stories, going off the flow map they are supposed to have finished by Tuesday.  Oral rehearsal gives them a chance to hear what their story sounds like, so they can revise their maps and make adjustments.  Other students will be listening to the oral rehearsal and will be giving feedback that will also, hopefully, give the speaker some ideas of things to add or change.  We will then ask them to write their story in their writing notebook, skipping lines so there is room for revision.  The writing assignments are ones that really do need to be finished in time, or they can’t participate fully in the activities and lessons we will be doing in the zooms, so please help your child make sure to get these done by the due dates.  

Math:  The students have a video about angles to watch before Monday’s zoom with Ms. Denise.  They will also need to be sure to have their geometry packets with them for Friday’s zoom.  The third graders should also be working on their Balance Math packets.  The fourth graders will be starting those on Thursday.

Science:  The students should complete their mask / candle experiment before their science zoom.  We will be watching some videos showing why masks are effective and they have been assigned two other videos, one about how germs spread in a classroom, and one talking about the effectiveness of soap vs. hand sanitizer that should be watched by next week.  

Social Studies:  We are going to be starting a unit on elections and the structure of our government.  There is a great book available in the book order that we have put on our recommended list.  


Expiration Date: 
Jul 30