Weekly Update - October 11, 2020

This Wednesday we are having a parent meeting that we hope you can attend.  We’re planning on talking about our approach to evaluation and grading, the computation packets given out at the last pickup, as well as answering any other questions you may have.  The meeting will be from 3 - 3:30 and it will use the old Yellow Cluster whole class zoom link (that’s the one we will use for all parent meetings and other non-school gatherings, unless we say otherwise.)  If you have questions or topics you would like us to address, please email them to us.

In order to help everyone quickly identify which assignments must truly be done by their given due date, we have started a new labeling system.  If the assignment starts with two exclamation points !! that means that it needs to be completed by the due date in order to be ready for the lesson or activity that will happen on that due date.  We’re hoping that this helps everyone be more prepared, as many of our students do not seem to be reading the directions we put in google classroom.  

Here are the links for the October Book Orders.  You can have them sent directly to you or put with our class box.  We will be placing the order on October 14th, with the idea that the books will arrive for the October pickup, but if you are having them sent to your house, you can probably order later than that.  Here are links to the flyers.



Here’s some of what is coming up next week:

Reading:  We are finishing up the reading assessments, with a few second round ones still to go.  We’re reading books and looking for how we would describe the identity of the characters, and encouraging the students to provide evidence for their thinking.  The emphasis on evidence and being able to make inferences and opinions that are based on the clues that the author gives us is a crucial skill that we work hard on developing in 3rd and 4th grade.  Either this week or next week we will be introducing a Flipgrid site where the students can leave book recommendations for each other.

Writing:  This week we will work on revising and editing everyone’s name stories, so please help your child make sure he/she has a first version written in his/her writing notebook, with lines skipped so there is room for changes.  Last week so many students hadn’t completed their work prior to writing workshop, so they were unable to take full advantage of the lesson and the time to get feedback from their peers, so we are hoping that they all come this week with a version to share.  

Math:  In geometry, we will be moving on to learning about parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines.  We had a productive work time together last Friday and most students made good practice with their angles work.  The entire packet is due on October 30th and should be turned in at the work pick up/drop off time.  They are also continuing to work on their place value concepts and developing their algebraic understandings through work on balancing things.  The balance math packet should also be turned in at the next pickup.  The second packet, if your child has it, is optional, and can be turned in then, or at the one after that.

Science:  This week we will begin planning our end of unit project.  The students will be sharing what they have learned about our immune system and how it works, viruses and bacteria, how vaccines work, and why masks, soap and hand sanitizer protect us against COVID-19.  This week the students will be focusing on collecting all of their information and reviewing any sources they need to review to fill in anything they might not remember.  We’ve collected links for all of our our resources in one document that will be shared this week.  Everyone gets to choose how they want to share their information - written report, slide presentation, one pager, comic, poster, etc.

Social Studies:  We are continuing to learn about elections.  


Expiration Date: 
Jul 30