Weekly Update - Nov. 1, 2020

It was so wonderful to see so many people, costumed and not, on Friday.  We really enjoy our pickup times and look forward to getting to interact with our students in person, even if it is briefly.  Our next pickup will be Friday, November 13th.  The main purpose of that pickup will be to give you your child’s progress report, though we will also have some materials to pick up and books to check out.  Please let us know if you will not be able to make it that day so that we can arrange another way for you to get your child’s report card.

We’ve been noticing that many students are checking out way more books than they are returning.  We have some books that are very popular and have students waiting for their turns to read them, so please help your child gather up any Yellow Cluster books that he/she has finished and return them on the 13th.

The week after the pickup will be parent-teacher-student conference week.  Please use this sign up genius to sign up for a zoom conference time.  


We will be conferencing from Tuesday, November 17th to Friday, November 20th.  Students will be having a variety of activities during their regular school time and will have asynchronous work to complete as well.  We’re still planning what our conferences will look like, since they will have to be so different from what we normally do, so if you have anything in particular you would like to have happen during your child’s conference, please let us know.

As part of getting ready for report cards, we do need to make sure we have most of the assignments from our students.  Please look over your child’s google classroom with him/her to see if there is important work missing.  We especially need the two science experiments, the related science work, and their name stories.  If your child didn’t finish any of the balance math, angles and lines packet, or immune system project in time to turn in on Friday, we will need those completed as soon as possible, as they are key elements to our ability to accurate assess how your child is doing so far this year.

With the election on Tuesday, we know this week has the potential for both excitement and unrest.  Please know that we will be doing everything we can to keep conversations positive and appropriately reflective as we move through this next week.  We also know your children are very interested in, and invested in, this election, so please share with them appropriate news coverage and discuss what is happening.  

Here’s some of what is coming up next week:

Reading:  We will be finishing up our graphic novel scavenger hunt and sharing what we have found.

Writing:  The students need to have finished their flow map for their opinion piece about what they would focus on as president so that they can orally rehearse their piece on Tuesday and write in by Friday.

Math:  We will be moving into naming quadrilaterals in geometry and continuing our work with place value and algebraic thinking in problem solving.

Science:  We are starting our new science unit, structures, this week with an experiment.  The materials for the experiment were in the bags we gave out on Friday, so if you didn’t get your child’s bag, please try and pick it up from the office by their science zoom day.  Please let us know if that is a problem for you so we can see if we can work something out.  They will be completing the experiment on their own afterwards.

Social Studies:  This week we will continue up our work on elections, as we await the results.


Expiration Date: 
Jul 30