Weekly Update - May 31, 2021

City Showcase: We are sharing Yellow Cluster’s city with you is on Saturday, June 5th from 10 - 1.  We can have 9 groups of 4 or fewer people in the same household come at a time.  The city will be set up in the bus parking lot.  Everyone who comes will need to respect distancing guidelines, wear a mask, and show us an LAUSD daily pass (you can get one without a COVID test).  Please click here to sign up for a time slot.  Unfortunately, this will be the only time people will be able to see the whole city put together, as we can’t keep it in the bus lot past that day, so we hope you can make it.

All buildings need to be finished by the time the students walk into Yellow on Wednesday.  If your child needs any building materials to finish up on Tuesday, please remind him/her to get them from school.  Sending us an email about what is needed will also put it on our radar so that we can specifically help him/her.  We aren’t having any building time on Tuesday, so materials will need to be brought home for finishing that afternoon / evening.

Please look around at home for any books belonging to Yellow Cluster and have your child return them this week or next.

Coming up Next Week:

City Building:  On Wednesday we will begin creating our parcels with a base of thick white cardstock.  We will finish that process on Thursday.  Friday we will do some related projects to be ready for the showcase on Saturday.  Zoomie parents, we are sending you a separate email with more specific instructions for you.  

Social Studies: Students will be finishing up their Native American tribe research for presenting to the class next week.

Math: Please encourage your child to keep up with his/her math work during their at home asynchronous times so that he/she has the opportunity to finish practicing their fractions, area and perimeter and division skills for the year.  We may also have some in class work time this week, depending on how the city building work goes.  


Expiration Date: 
Jul 30