Weekly Update - June 6, 2021

For everyone who was able to make it to the City Showcase on Saturday, thank you for coming.  It was so wonderful to see everyone and share all of the pride and excitement around Sunset City.  We took some pictures, and a short movie (sorry about the background sounds, just don’t turn your volume on) for anyone who would like to see them.  The Dropbox settings should allow you to download them as well, if you would like copies for yourself.  Use this link.  (click on the word link) Ms. Cass has also asked us to try and set the city up for the school to see on Tuesday, so we’re thrilled to try and make that happen.

It’s hard to believe that we are at the last week of school!  We’re going to miss spending time with your wonderful children.  As we finish out the week, here are some things you should know:

• Monday - we have a virtual field trip to the Ballona wetlands to learn about the Gabrielino / Tongva tribe that lived there.  The trip will be at 11:50 am, so if your child is at home at that time, please be sure he/she logs in to the Yellow Cluster zoom to join us.  Part of the experience will include an opportunity to make a game that the Native Americans would have played.  Students will need a stick (chopstick, pencil), a string, a ring (can be made out of a pipe cleaner, a hair tie, or the cap from milk or juice), and some tape.  We will be giving the morning cohorts and the students who are in class with us during the trip, a piece of string and a pipe cleaner to make the ring.  Our virtual students will need to gather those materials, and everyone will need to get the stick / pencil / chopstick and tape.  

• Wednesday - We are going to have another virtual visit from a Yellow Cluster alumni who is an animator.  Sam Holguin will be joining us at 10:45 on the Yellow Cluster zoom, so, again, anyone who is at home at 10:45 should log on and join us for this visit.

Wednesday - we are going to collect all devices, and charging cables, from all students who are not attending summer school or summer enrichment classes.  This includes hotspots.  Please be sure your child brings any device from either the district, or loaned by Open School, and the charging cables, to school on Wednesday.  Our virtual students who don’t have access to any other device at home, can bring theirs on Friday after school, so that they can continue to join us via zoom.  Please bring those devices to the school office by 4 pm on Friday.  If your child will be doing an LAUSD summer class, please let us know so that we can note that in our records and not expect a device from them until later.  In the past, LAUSD has on occasion completed wiped devices remotely over the summer, so if your child’s device has pictures on it that you / he / she wants to save, please save copies somewhere else.  We don’t know if students will be getting the same device back yet or not, so taking the time to delete anything personal off of the device is also a good idea.  

• Your child will still have access to anything they made in google this year through their district account which gives them access to their google drive from any device.  We will be keeping most of our google classroom open through July so that anyone who wants to go back and do any work they missed (ie math assignments, daily math problems, listening to read alouds) can still have access.  The links to the TeacherMade assignments will also stay active.  We won’t be checking the work, but it’s still excellent practice for anyone who wants to do assignments they missed.

• Our zoomies can come pick up their parcels any time from Wednesday on.  Please let us know when you are coming so that we can get your parcel to the office.  They don’t have enough room to keep them all there, so we need to plan accordingly.

Return other materials.  Please look around at home for any books belonging to Yellow Cluster and have your child return them this week.  Virtual students (and any in person students who might not have brought them to school) need to also return their bag of math manipulatives.  We would also appreciate the return of rolls of tape, paint brushes, and glue bottles.  

• Report cards will be mailed home the week after school is out and cluster placement notifications will arrive later in the summer.

Ms Denise, here - I wanted to let the families of our morning cohorts know that there is a small chance that I won’t see them on Friday morning.  My son’s 8th grade graduation ends at 10:15 that morning.  If all goes as planned and per schedule, then I will make it back to Open in time to see everyone before they leave at 11:15, but we all know that sometimes things don’t go as planned.  Just in case, I will be saying goodbye to them on Thursday, but I will be making every effort to get to school before they leave on Friday, too. 

Expiration Date: 
Jul 30