Keeping Everyone Safe

Hello Open School Families,

As we close the second week of school, I know there are many questions and concerns about COVID-19, school safety and quarantine policies. Still our number one commitment is the health and safety of our school community. Our commitment is to the wellness of our kids so that they can learn and prosper because learning and happiness cannot be fostered in an unsafe environment.

LAUSD has developed the COVID-19 Data – School Report Card Dashboard, which has all of the COVID-19 case information for each school. You may use this resource to gather our school COVID-19 data. This information has also been readily linked on our website, under COVID--19 Resources. All information on individual cases or clusters is confidential and will not be shared by school personnel. 

If there is a positive COVID-19 case at Open School the whole school community will be notified via email. Subsequently, community members who were in close contact with the person will be individually notified to quarantine. As our testing is on Fridays, we will do our very best to make individual phone calls, however these individual notification may need to come via email, as we may not be available on weekends to notify families individually via phone. If you get an email, please feel free to contact us via phone on Monday. It is imperative that you follow these home quarantine orders.

Here is the latest information as it pertains to steps to keeping our community safe:

  • COVID-19 testing every Friday at Open School 
  • COVID-19 Testing at other school sites (feel free to get an LAUSD  test whenever you need one)
  • Daily Pass for personalized health screening (read the questions each morning)
  • Mandatory masks, except when eating
  • Staggered school day to increase space
  • Utilizing outdoor classroom space, when possible
  • Seating charts to identify close contacts 
  • Contacting all close contacts as soon as possible, and implementing a home quarantine order
  • Quarantine and isolation areas for any student who feels ill (we will call immediately for them to be picked up). If your child goes home with possible symptoms, they need a negative COVID-19 test completed for them to return. 

Thank you for partnering with us to keep everyone safe. 


Expiration Date: 
Dec 31