After School Music Lessons with Mr. & Mrs. Cline

Our Open School Music Specialist, Matthew Cline, and his wife Joana, will again be offering after-school music lessons.  They are passionate about teaching music and have created a program that ensures every student succeeds at learning an instrument.  In the process, students also learn important life skills such as confidence, creativity, focus, perseverance, dedication and discipline.  

For safety reasons, after-school music lessons will begin using our state-of-the-art virtual set up.  All instruments can be learned virtually or in-person, including piano, guitar, ukulele, drums, trumpet, flute, clarinet, recorder, xylophone and more.  Availability is limited.

If you are interested, click here  to register or email (Mr. Cline) for more details.  Lessons with new students will begin the week of September 13.

Expiration Date: 
Sep 30