Weekly News - October 1, 2021

We are working on making sure our grab and go meals are going home to families who want them, so if you do not want your child to ever take a grab and go meal, please let us know so that we don’t give them one.  

We are still having times when students need to know their district email and password, but haven’t memorized them.  Please spend some time practicing with your child to be sure they have both of those things memorized.

We sent home a note today about helping your child find some pictures to illustrate a story they are working on (it’s all explained in the note).  In it we ask for the pictures to be sent in by Wednesday, but we didn’t get as far in the project today as we thought we would, so we won’t actually need them until Thursday or next Monday.  If your child is choosing to take some pictures, please remind them that they should be in the pictures.

3rd Grade Parents:  Next week we will do a practice Olsat test so the students can see the kinds of problems they will be solving and have some time to talk about how to look at the visual patterns and think about them.  They will bring the practice test home for you to see.  It doesn’t include the questions that we read to them that go with the pictures because we’re not allowed to share that part.  If you would like your child to have some additional practice in this kind of thinking, there are 5 different visual pattern practice sheets available in the Patterns section of Google Classroom.  (4th grade parents - your kids will be doing these while the 3rd graders are taking the Olsat, so the assignments won’t show up for them until then.)  The actual Olsat will be given on Tuesday, October 12th and Wednesday, October 13th, at 9 am.  

LAUSD gave the school some keyboards for the iPads.  Unfortunately, not enough for everyone to have one, so we’ve been using them in smaller groups at school.  The students have really been enjoying using them, as it does make typing on the iPad much easier.  Some students were asking about how to get one, if their parents were willing, so we said we would share the information.  The ones we’re using are the Belkin Wired Tablet Keyboards that have a built-in stand (lightning connector).  They’re currently $61 on Amazon, so not cheap.  There are many others available, however, for much less, if you do a search.  We would recommend one that plugs in, so that you don’t have to worry about keeping batteries charged, but also because students who had bluetooth keyboards last year would find themselves connecting to each other’s iPads instead of their own.  This is absolutely in no way a required purchase, but we told the students we would share the information with you.  (They have 7th generation iPads, in case that matters if you are choosing one.)

Classroom Updates

By now, students should have finished their first set of skillsheets (computation packets) and be on their way in their second packet.  We will be telling any student who hasn’t achieved that goal yet to have their skillsheets live in their yellow folder and having them work on them a little each day as homework. We work on skillsheets for 30-40 minutes every Monday, so if your child brings skillsheets home on Monday, please help them make sure to finish the packet by next Monday, October 11th.

Ordering for the Kate DiCamillo books closes on Wednesday, so here’s the link one last time, just in case.  We’re really looking forward to reading her new book and were reminded of some of her older ones that we want to read as well, so your child might be equally inspired.   Use this link https://www.childrensbookworld.com/event/west-coast-exclusive-virtual-school-book-talk-kate-dicamillo to purchase books.  They can be picked up at Children’s Book World (always worth a visit), mailed to your house, or sent to school.  

This coming Wednesday is our author visit with John Patrick Green who writes a funny adventure graphic novel series called InvestiGators.  Some students were VERY excited to hear this, as they love his books. We will be looking at the first book in the series before his visit on Wednesday so that our students are ready.  This visit is just some of Open School and one other school, so we should be able to have some questions answered from the author, which is always exciting.  Again, your purchases support these visits, so here’s the link for his books. https://www.childrensbookworld.com/event/virtual-school-event-investigators-ants-our-pants-john-patrick-green



Scholastic News:   This week we will be comparing an article about finding artifacts in the area around Harriet Tubman’s house and how those artifacts are helping people learn about her and a video about her.  The paper we will be working on is two sided, so help your child remember to look at both sides.  The front of the paper will be finished in class, and the back will be started, so that they can finish it as homework.  We’re having some challenges with many students not doing the work on the sheet as we do it together in class, and then having incomplete homework because they also didn’t then finish it at home, so please check in with your child about making sure they’re using their class time wisely and then finishing at home.

Weekly Problem:  This week they are working on a problem about a frog jumping out of a well.  We have encouraged them to really think about the story of the problem and draw a picture to illustrate what is going on to support finding the right answer (which is not the answer most of them jump to assuming it is).

And don’t forget the Daily Problems and at least 20 minutes of reading each night.  And check in with your child about whether or not skillsheets need to be worked on.


Expiration Date: 
Jul 30