Weekly News - October 8, 2021

3rd Grade Parents:  The Olsat will be given to our third graders on Tuesday and Wednesday, starting around 9 am. Please make sure your child has a good breakfast those mornings and talk to them about really doing careful listening, as all of the directions and questions are done orally and can’t be repeated.  The test is very visual, but if they don’t listen to what they are being asked, they can’t mark the right answer.  We do have microphones and speakers that we use, so they can clearly hear us, even with the masks on.  If you would like your child to have some additional practice in this kind of thinking, there are 10 different visual pattern practice sheets available in the Patterns section of Google Classroom.  (4th grade parents - your kids will be doing these while the 3rd graders are taking the Olsat, so the assignments won’t show up for them until then.)  

Scholastic is experiencing some big supply chain challenges right now, leading to this big delay in our book order.  They are very apologetic and doing everything they can to fix the problem.  We decided we didn’t want to wait to start our read aloud, so we’ve scanned the first few chapters of the book and will be posting them in google classroom so that the kids who want to follow along can do so there.  

The John Patrick Green book orders are due Wednesday. The students are very excited to read his books after we shared the first few chapters of the first one.  If you would like Denise to pick up your order for you and give it to your child at school, please choose the pick up at store option and then in the notes or comments say that the school will be picking it up for you.  Here’s the link.


Classroom Updates

We’re finishing up our work with the first Roots of Respect word - courage - with a project called a one-pager.  Our next word is leadership and we will be reading books about many different leaders, some the students might know about, and many that they don’t.  Our goal is to help them see that there are many different types of leaders who have helped in many different ways, from large to small.  As we learn about each leader, they will be collecting information about each person on a circle map, and ultimately thinking about what it takes to be a leader and how they can all be leaders at school and in their communities.  Our goal is to read at least two books a week.  Please ask your child about who they are learning about as leaders.  We read our first book today, Child of the Flower-Song People, by Gloria Amescua.

We have also been working on researching regions of the United States and the students are working with a partner to create a google slides presentation of what they have learned.  This is leading to a research project about the individual states, where they will be creating a book about their state.  


Scholastic News:   The work that went home on Thursday is  comparing an article about finding artifacts in the area around Harriet Tubman’s house and how those artifacts are helping people learn about her and a video about her.  We read the article together and watched the video, and got the front of the paper finished in class (they were supposed to anyway, though not everyone did).  The homework is to do the back of the paper, where they compare the article and the video, and, if the front wasn’t finished, to finish that.  Many students wanted to watch the video again, and the link to it in the Scholastic News section of Google Classroom.

Weekly Problem:  This week they are working on a problem about people rowing on a river over multiple days and using the provided information to draw a picture and figure out how long the river is.  This is one that requires careful, focused reading.

And don’t forget the Daily Problems and at least 20 minutes of reading each night.  And check in with your child about whether or not skillsheets need to be worked on.


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