Weekly News - October 29, 2021

Thank you, from us and all of the teachers and staff, for an amazing brunch!  It was so wonderful to walk into that magnificent spread.  We feel so appreciated and are so grateful for everything you do!

Author visit:  On November 12, we are so excited to attend a virtual author visit with Jason Reynolds, the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, an amazing speaker, incredible author, and a dedicated voice for diversity in children’s literature.  The books won’t be signed, but we are required to purchase some in order to attend, so we do hope you will support this event.  He is introducing his new (and first, I think) graphic novel, Stuntboy, in the Meantime, which sounds absolutely wonderful.  Other books he’s written are also available.  Here is the link to purchase https://www.childrensbookworld.com/event/exclusive-jason-reynolds-virtual-school-book-talk-stuntboy-meantime

Denise will pick up the orders for the school, so if you choose pick up as your option and don’t want to pick them up yourself (though we highly recommend a visit to this amazing bookstore), write “School Pick Up” in the comment.  You can also have books shipped directly to your house. We don’t know the exact ordering deadline, but it is usually for a few days after the event.

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences: If you haven’t yet signed up for a conference, please remember to do so.  When signing up for a conference, please remember your child needs to be there too.  If your child is at school for the conference time, either during our class schedule, or after school on the yard or with STAR, we will make sure they come for the conference.  So if your child rides the bus, you need to make sure you sign up for a conference when your child is at school, or late enough that they have arrived at home and can join you on the zoom.   Conferences will be 15 minutes each. Please plan to come a couple of minutes early (you’ll be in the waiting room) to help us keep on track, time-wise.  Here is the link to the sign up genius to choose your conference time.  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508084AA5AF2DA20-yellow

Leadership: Our leaders this week were Mary Anning and Cornelius Washington - ask your children who they were and how they were leaders.

State Project:  We started our state projects this week.  Each student has a state to research and will be creating a presentation about their particular state.  Ask your child what state they have and what they have learned so far.  Our Holiday Program song is going to be Fifty Nifty, so by the time we’re done, they will all be able to name all 50 states in alphabetical order!

We hope that everyone who celebrates Halloween has a safe and happy holiday.  Please try and get your children to bed at a mostly reasonable time on Sunday and please don't give them more than a piece or two of candy in their lunches.  The day after Halloween is always a challenging one for us at school!


Light Research in lieu of Scholastic News:   Since there isn’t a Scholastic News published every week, we’re using this week to give students time to get caught up in their science reading.  Many of them finished in class, but please check with your child to see if they have work to do.  There is a book about light and a set of articles to read and gather information on circle maps in their Light Notebook.  All of the reading is available as pdfs in google classroom, as well as to listen to via links in google classroom, if your child would rather have the articles read to them.  They should be writing down important information in their circle maps, focusing on things that will help them answer the guiding questions about light that we are investigating.  They should come on Thursday with all articles and the book read and the circle maps completed.  They should not answer any of the questions or do anything in the pages after the articles.  We will be doing that in class, after a discussion.

Weekly Problem:  This week they are working on a problem about a pattern in finding pennies and the total collected.  We modeled a sample chart for solving the problem in class on Thursday.

Do the daily problems by Monday morning of the next week and read for at least 20 minutes each night.  And check in with your child about whether or not skillsheets need to be worked on.


Expiration Date: 
Jul 30