Weekly News - November 5, 2021

Daily Problems: We just wanted to remind you that the daily problems are homework.  One is posted every day, Monday through Friday, in Google Classroom.  The students have until Monday morning of the next week to get all 5 done without owing us Yellow Cluster money.  Most of the problems should take 5-10 minutes, or less, for most students.  Ones like the hidden picture problems, that develop visual-perceptual skills, students can stop looking after 10 minutes, if they want to, but many choose to persevere because they want to find everything.  

iPads: As we all settle into the routine of school, we’re having more and more students come to school with iPads that aren’t charged, or forgetting them at home.  Please check in with your child and see if they need help remembering to plug in their iPad in the afternoons or evenings, and to get them into their backpacks as well.

Author visit:  Next week, on Friday, we are so excited to attend a virtual author visit with Jason Reynolds, the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, an amazing speaker, incredible author, and a dedicated voice for diversity in children’s literature.  The books won’t be signed, but we are required to purchase some in order to attend, so we do hope you will support this event.  He is introducing his new (and first, I think) graphic novel, Stuntboy, in the Meantime, which sounds absolutely wonderful.  Other books he’s written are also available.  Here is the link to purchase books  https://www.childrensbookworld.com/event/exclusive-jason-reynolds-virtual-school-book-talk-stuntboy-meantime

Denise will pick up the orders for the school, so if you choose pick up as your option and don’t want to pick them up yourself (though we highly recommend a visit to this amazing bookstore), write “School Pick Up” in the comment.  You can also have books shipped directly to your house. We don’t know the exact ordering deadline, but it is usually for a few days after the event.

Leadership: Our leaders this week were Mary Garber and Ethel Payne  - ask your children who they were and how they were leaders.  We were also lucky enough to attend a Flipgrid live event where Amanda Gorman shared her new book, Change Sings, with the illustrator, Loren Long.  This is a beautiful book that we will be reading to the class at the end of our work with leadership, when we shift our focus to how we can all be leaders to create changes we want in our world.

Remember that there is no school on Thursday


Scholastic News:   This week's issue is in honor of Veteran’s Day.  We read the article together in class and filled out a circle map about how the family in the article sacrifices for our country.  The maps should be done already, so your child should just need to read the rest of the magazine and answer the questions at the back.  In Google Classroom, there are links to related videos and a Google Earth tour of the places in the magazine that might be fun for the kids to explore.

Weekly Problem:  This week they are working on a problem about a kitten climbing up a tree.  They need to read carefully to find the information about what the kitten is doing to figure out how many branches the tree has.  We talked about using the strategies of drawing a labeled picture, or using a number line, to figure out the answer.

Do the daily problems by Monday morning of the next week and read for at least 20 minutes each night.  And check in with your child about whether or not skillsheets need to be worked on.


Expiration Date: 
Jul 30