Weekly News - November 12, 2021

Schedule: For next week, we have a shortened day schedule so that we can hold our conferences.  Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are minimum days, with brunch at dismissal at 1:00.  Tuesday is a normal shortened day, with recess and lunch and dismissal at 1:25.  Please make sure your child know what to do after school each day.

To be ready for your child’s conference, please read the email that went out last night and review all of the materials listed in that email.  It includes information and the zoom link.

Objects:  We are starting our process to build our object replicas.  This is a new project, based on what we have done before, building large scale costumes that are replicas of objects.  We don’t have the space or the parent help availability to do that this year, so we are trying a different form of the same idea.  In order to make this work and give the students the chance to measure and mathematically scale up or down, we need the actual original objects at school.  To that end, if anyone has a packet of carrot seeds (can be empty), a toy stop sign, a toy speed limit sign, or a toy traffic light that we can borrow for a little bit, please send them with your child on Monday.  Also, please check with your child to be sure they have brought their objects.  We will start work on Tuesday and students can’t start without their actual object at school, so this is really important.

Music: Mr Cline wrote the following to let you all know, in more detail than there is room for on our report cards, what’s happened so far this year in music:  Yellow Cluster students began this year in music enrichment learning about the two core elements of music “Rhythm and Pitch” using the analogy of “If music was a cake…” Here, the students learned to differentiate rhythm and pitch by ear (listening to the piano), by sight (looking at music notation) and by action (imitating pitches or rhythms that were sung or clapped by the teacher). This school year, we will be focusing in music enrichment on learning all about rhythm! To embark on this subject, Yellow Cluster students began by learning all about “Beat”. What is beat? Can you see beat in written music? What elements of written music give us information about the beat? What is the beat useful for in music? What is the difference between beat and rhythm? Students learned to clap the beat together as a group, follow the beat from a metronome or a conductor, and “keep the beat” by counting in their head and nodding or tapping their foot when it is not their turn to play or sing. In the last few weeks, Yellow Cluster students began learning more about specific rhythms. Here, they reviewed how to recognize different components of the note shapes (note head, stem, flags) and learned to associate the different note shapes with specific note durations (in beats). They also learned to identify the shapes and durations of musical rests. The students then demonstrated an ability to read various rhythms written in sheet music and play these rhythms on percussion instruments. Yellow cluster students have been enjoying learning about these concepts and have been doing great in class during this period.

Author visit:  What an incredible author visit with Jason Reynolds!  He is inspiring and so wise. And the book sounds like it is going to be wonderful.  If your child still wants to purchase a book, orders will be open until, we think, Wednesday.  Here is the link to purchase books https://www.childrensbookworld.com/event/exclusive-jason-reynolds-virtual-school-book-talk-stuntboy-meantime

Denise will pick up the orders for the school, so if you choose pick up as your option and don’t want to pick them up yourself (though we highly recommend a visit to this amazing bookstore), write “School Pick Up” in the comment.  You can also have books shipped directly to your house. 

Leadership: Our leaders this week were Wu Chien Shiung and Maryam Mirzakhani.  Ask your child what these women did and how they were leaders.


Scholastic News:   Since we didn’t have a Thursday to work together on our Scholastic News, we decided to not do one this week.

Weekly Problem:  This week they are working on a problem about using a string of numbers to get to 100.  There are some specific directions, with examples, that need to be followed, so please make sure your child reads and follows them and asks us during the week if they have questions.

Holiday Program: They need to be memorizing our song.  They have been sent the words and they will be posted on google classroom, in the Other Activities section.

Do the daily problems by Monday morning of the next week and read for at least 20 minutes each night.  And check in with your child about whether or not skillsheets need to be worked on.


Expiration Date: 
Jul 30